About Us

Teenager with foster carer

We offer placements for children and young people aged 0 – 18 years in partnership with local authorities in Wales and England.

1st Affinity Fostering Services was established as an independent agency in 2013. Our focus is on providing excellent outcomes for children and young people who have experienced numerous placement disruptions or have lived in a residential children’s home.  We believe in the value of resilient and skilled foster careers, who are well supported and trained.


We are committed to achieving positive change in the behavior and life chances of looked after children, by offering:

    • High quality and resilient foster placements matched to the profile and needs of the children. A Signs of Safety risk assessment is at the heart of our matching process building child or young persons strengths.
    • Safe and nurturing foster homes often located away from risk factors that have contributed to the child or young person’s distress (e.g. sexually exploited children).
    • Support and advocacy for the child or young person to ensure their voice is heard when decisions are being made that affect their lives.
    • A clear focus on education and the development of personal skills which leads to meeting their long term goals and readiness for independence.

Our foster families are based predominantly in north Wales and the North West of England. We take placements from across the UK.