Foster Carers

Foster carer with teenage girl

For Foster Carers we offer:

  • A small and intimate organization in which they will know everyone involved and feel part of developing the service.
  • Excellent training and support before and after the approval process.
  • Regular supervision, training and 24 hour support. You will be encourage to learn new skills and reflect on your practice.
  • Opportunities to be involved in the training and support given to new carers.
  • Excellent financial rewards with respite and paid holidays.

Professional Development of our Foster Carers

We have a thorough vetting and selecting process for our Foster Carers. Our procedures follow best practice standards, which includes prospective foster careers attending the ‘Skills to Foster’ training.

We offer a comprehensive Foster Carer’s Handbook which offers advice and guidance on all aspects of the fostering role. This gives clear information on required competencies, standards and expectations.
As a foster carer for 1st Affinity, you will be encouraged to share your experiences with new carers and reflect on the strengths and skills you have developed.

Where existing foster carers have chosen to move to our small agency we follow best practice principles and protocols.