Support and Benefits of being a Foster Carer

Foster carer with teenage girl

Foster carers receive an allowance and financial support.

A fee for the carer and an allowance which covers the cost of caring for the child or young person is included. Dependant on the circumstances, we may provide financial assistance towards large items if the needs of the child require it.

You will receive full training, which is linked to your personal and professional development plan. We have an excellent training team who run numerous courses throughout the year.

All foster carers will receive professional supervision sessions. At a minimum, these will be monthly in the first six months and sometimes more frequently if needed. These are one to one meetings with a social worker to discuss the children or young people in your care and how you are fostering.

To help you foster more effectively we provide professionally led support groups as well as support and mentoring from other foster carers. There is easy access to your professional team through confidential web access and additionally there is 24 hour advice and support available should you need it.

We keep our carers informed of all that is going on within the service through regular meetings with managers. To ensure our foster carers are part of the wider network of foster carers across the country, we fund and organise your annual subscription to the National Fostering Network.