Children and Young People

Child's crayon drawing showing sun, house and family

All ages of children and young people placed could be presenting:

  • Complex attachment disorders
  • Challenging behaviours (ink self harm, criminal)
  • Child Sexual Exploitation and/or Child Sexual Abuse
  • Unaccompanied asylum seeking young people
  • Sibling groups who are in care
  • Vulnerable self harm history
  • Learning disabilities and additional need children


For children of statutory school age, the need to maintain or secure a stable education placement is of vital importance. Wherever possible, placements are identified that ensure such continuity unless there are other overriding considerations that outweigh this consideration, such as the child’s safety. For younger children, the carer’s ability to take the child to school is also considered.

For older children, the child’s ability to get to school on their own will need to be assessed. The length and complexity of the journey will need to be considered as will the safety of the child and whether they have a record of non-attendance that could be made worse by a long journey. Carers will be flexible and transport can be included in plans.

We currently work with specialist schools; where mainstream education is not appropriate for the some of the young people in our care. Bespoke packages that meet the needs of children can be arranged if required.

Clinical Input

1st Affinity Fostering Services has access to Dr Jack Lindesay, a medical advisor who is available if additional medical assessments or advice is required for our foster carers. We can also access specialist psychological support if required from services across Wales or near to where carers live.

Individual bespoke packages of support are developed in discussion with the children’s social workers, consistent with the children’s assessment of need. We also have access to an educational advisor, Jan Topliss, who would help oversee any specialist education input or provision required.

We can also commission specialist therapies and activities to support the young people in our care. E.g. Art therapy, play therapy, outward bound activities.